Princess Mirathea
, also known as Mira in her disguised human form, is the daughter of the monarch of the Engkanto Kingdom, Reyna Nerea. She is widely reputed to be the best archer in her kingdom. Mirathea was sent to the human world by her mother to ensure that the Tagabantay, Juan Dela Cruz, fullfills his mission. Mirathea was arranged by her mother to marry Bagno but she only considers Bagno as her friend. She also developed feelings for Juan but she is suppresing it to respect the relationship of Juan and her human friend, Rosario. He Helps the Kapatiran to success the mission


Juan Dela CruzEdit

Mirathea's duty was to help Juan as he is the Tagabantay and the hope of her Kingdom. She has romantic feelings for Juan although she hides this as she acknowledge Juan's romantic feelings for Rosario.


Nerea is Mirathea's mother. She has good relations with her mother.


Mirathea considers Bagno as a good friend. She was hesitant to believe in Agor's accusation that Bagno worked with Peru-ha.