Name N/A
Portrayed by Lilia Cuntapay
Personal Info
Race Aswang
Gender Female
Occupation Babaylan

The unnamed Babaylan serves as a religious figurehead of the aswangs' belief towards their goddess Saragnayan. She seems knowledgable on the prophecy of the Anak ng Dilim. She and Samuel Alejandro are the only aswang who are aware of the true identity of their goddess that Saragnayan is Peru-ha.

She is a know-it-all and the all-knowing, when it comes to the underworld. She always seems preoccupied and anxious. As if she knows something more bigger and more dangerous than the threat of Peru-Ha, or the extinction of the aswang clan. What does she really know that is making her extremely anxious? That makes her mysteriously creepy and pretty scary though.