is the previous Tagabantay before Juan Dela Cruz and the only female Tagabantay who appeared in the series. Amelia is mother of Juan. He fell in love with Samuel Alejandro, the Haring Aswang and Juan's father. She was not aware of Samuel's real identity as the leader of the aswangs until she saw a holy water near Samuel boiling, a sign that there was a aswang nearby She fought Samuel and then took refuge to Father Cito's church. She gave birth to Juan but she immediately died after childbirth. Amelia entrusted Father Cito to take care of her son.

Amelia holds a lot of mysteries and questions that was left unanswered. One includes, why of all places, did she chose to approach Father Cito and the church. She displays a great combat skills that even the Haring Aswang can't get even. If that's the case, why did she even bothered  to ask for help to a helpless and a mere mortal priest who knows nothing about fighting. Considering the fact that the Haring Aswang and his minions are all bloodhounds by nature, they can locate her with no sweat at all if she goes to a not so hidden church. When in fact, she can go to the experienced aswang warriors of the kapatiran and ask for help right away. As if she is ever afraid of aswang at all. Better question is, what is she afraid of? What is she really running away from?

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Julian Dela Cruz



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Juan Dela Cruz